Monday, December 6, 2010


Well I have said this before, but now i will further the use of the TS/CD in aevery single on of my papers.  Also, looking up some of the verbs that i am using will also help out some.  The old with the new stuff is probaly one of the coolest things i have ever learned and it makes it so much easier to write a paper now.  I will definently put those three things to work.  I will also make sure that all of my transistions are always on point and always interact with what my papragraph is about.  i have never had to think about that before.  It's eye opening. Honestly, peer editing made me open my eyes about my own paper.  that is one thing that made me feel like my paper was not as good as the ones i read.  But, after reworking on it, i feel great about it puttingall of this stuff to use that i have learned in this class

Blog #8

Currently as i stated in my last post, i am currently revising my paper thoroughly and basically rewritting it.  i had found that my TS/CD setup was not correct and didnt even think of incorporating that style into my paper so am incoporating it into it now.  My intro and my conclusion are going well.  Another thing i am working on in my paper, is my transitions.  I found that transitions was not my strongest point in my writting.  i am now having to go through and change a lot of my paper because of my lack of my writting inconsistancies.

Blog #9

Well let's start here: as far as understanding texts and responding to the texts, i would say that i can definently analyze and respond.  Doing these blogs is new to me.  Personally, i don't like it.  I would rather write five papers throughout the semester.  The second goal, i am not understanding that one.  So i can say that i have not meet that goal.  I have not been one to draft out an outline for a paper.  I am one to just start writting and go from there.  i have become a better writter from analyzing all of the first few assignments and understand better how to do this now.  The TS/CD thing has helped me out a lot.  I have never been taught that and is a big key to writting paragraphs now for me. At first, i had no clue what you were talking about on these types of assignments.  Now, i had to rewrite my research paper  due to not following this "rule".  I hope that all my citations are correct for this research paper because that is something that i have not done until this year.

Blog #7

Funny to me is defined as something that makes you feel really good, letting loose and just letting all of your laughter out.  Funny is something that is majorly controlled by your emotions though.  If you are in a bad mood, then you usually don't find things too funny.  I don;t know if i would call that article funny.  To me, i dont think that anything about drugs is funny when people get caught.  As for style, i think of clothes, fashion and all that kind of stuff.  Fashion is sometimes funny.  Like when poeple have no fashion, you just can't help but let out a laugh because it's "funny".

Blog #2

i did enjoy writting this diagnostic essay.  I can sit around all day and free write, not that it is something that i would choose over doing my other activities that i do but i can do it.  I thought it was pretty easy to write but if you give me a topic that i know something about or maybe even not know anything about it, i can write a lot easier than free writting.  If i could do it over again, i wouldn't.  it was just a diagnostic that has nothing to do with anything and just to see how much we improved over the course of the class.  I enjoy writting a lot.  I find it pretty easy to do and it just gives you a chance to express yourself in another way other than the normal ways we do it everyday.

Blog #3

after doing this informal summary with the group, i have learned that i would like to work by myself, at least most of the time.  Sometimes it comes in handy to a couple extra people looking over you to fix your mistakes but other than that i would prefer to be by myself.  As for being prepared, i would say that i possibly could have used a little more work previously.  I took english 1 last semester but before that i had a gap of about a year and a half, so i kind of lost some things there i think.  Even though i posted this late, i feel that i have become a better writter after learning a lot in this class.  I like writting papers and thats the way i have always been.

Monday, October 11, 2010

blog 4

slowpitch softball is the biggest hobbie i have.  I have been doing this for only three to four years but am way more addvanced at the level i am at than most people my age.  i love being on a softball field and i would play all day and night every single day if i could. i play on the weekends, at least 3 a month. 

i love watching baseball and like to play it as well.  well i guess i am very interested in sports in general.. id rather sit around watching sports than do anything.  ecspecially fishing,  which is my second favorite hobbie, then football.